Animal Charity

Animal Charity

Northamptonshire Animal Charity Work

Four Diamond Paws promotes local animal charities to help abandoned pets in the community.  Find out how you can help too.Local Charities:

Cats Protection
Volunteers wanted for Corby BranchThe Cinnamon Trust
The National Charity for the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets

Investigates animal cruelty cases and provides rehoming support

Other Charities:
Unfortunately, there also pets suffering all over the world.
These amazing creatures cannot be always be protected by law.
The most powerful tool in protecting animals is by raising awareness to the public.

Click to Donate to Pets for free
Care2 РThe largest online international community empowering people to lead a healthy  lifestyle while taking action on important causes such as animal rights and pet care.

Dogs Trust
Charity for stray and abandoned dogs.

Dr Hadwen Trust
Trust to fund non-animal research.

World Wildlife Fund aims to protect animals and their habitat all over the world
including endangered species.