Cat Treats

Cat Treats

Cat Treats – How often and are they healthy?

Limit treats to 1 per week.  Otherwise you may find that your cat refuses to eat normal food and expects nothing else.

Always check the label at the pet food store to ensure that the treat do not contain artificial colourings or additives.  The same way E numbers can harm humans, cats are not immune to diseases and the pet food business does manufacturer some junk food.

If you pet is overweight but you love to give him/her treats,  try to only feed your cat twice a day and remove the dry food to your cat snacking the rest of the day. You can use a couple of biscuits from dry food tin as a treat.

If your vet advised you that your pet is overweight, please follow Vet diet plan carefully.  Just because you are feeding your cat any less, don’t worry.
Your cat will love you more when he/she has more energy from loosing extra weight!  Your cat  will suffer less discomfort and he/she will live longer too!


Avoid giving milk to cats, some cats are lactose intolerant.  Pet stores do provide milk for cat consumption but to avoid any digestive problems, moderation is the key here.

If you leave a bowl full of food available to your cat during the day, it may encourage your cat to overeat.  So after feeding time, remove the bowl.

Try not to feed your cat between meals or give him/her a treat just because you are eating yourself.  It will be a habit they will not let you forget, so if you enjoy eating in peace yourself, do not feed your cat until you have finished your meal.

Cats are normally fussy eaters, you may leave biscuits out overnight but they will still expect best cuts of meat in the morning.  By removing the biscuit plate at night, they will learn to appreciate dry food as part of their diet not just an extra treat to ignore.  This also avoids the biscuits from going stale, cats love to crunch!