Cat Welfare Tips

Cat Welfare Tips

Cat Welfare Tips for a happy feline home.
Wherever possible install a cat flap to allow your cats to have the freedom to come in and out of the house as they please.

Cats like to be clean, the food bowl should always be far from the litter tray.  You would not want to eat in the bathroom either!


If you introduce a new cat to an existing cat, have an extra litter tray for the new cat until he/she builds confidence. An older cat may also benefit from a litter tray due to reduced mobility.  Check Zoonoses

Food Dishes

If you have more than 1 cat, place food bowls far apart.  Cats can be territorial and they enjoy eating with privacy.  The most submissive cat will end up with the left overs and will need extra reassurance from you.
Always have spare food bowls and ensure that your pets have clean bowls with their food.

Save money buy buying ceramic bowls from a charity shop rather than pet food stores.  You can buy used crockery for a fraction of the price.

The same applies to cat beds.  Cats love having their space and a routine.  It is best to feed them at the same time of day and place.


Always have fresh clean water available for your cats.  Change water bowl every day.  If you cat goes outside, leave an extra bowl outside in the shade.

Cat Food Tips

What Food should you feed your cat?
It is said that the best diet consists of mixed dry and wet food.
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Pet Sitting Tips:


    • Introduce your cat to the Pet Sitter before the start date.  It will not be so much of a shock to your pet.
    • Make your Pet Sitter is aware of where the cleaning accessories and pet toys are.
    • Ensure there is enough cat food to last during your absence.  Extra just in case  your return is delayed.
    • Always ask your pet sitter to try the keys prior to going away.
    • Leave your keys with the pet sitter and ask him/her not to put it through the door on the last day.  If your flight is delayed your pet sitter cannot get in.


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Facts you may like to know according to PDSA Report:

    • There are 11 million cats in the UK, of which only 9% are pedigree.
    • The average lifetime cost for a cat is around £17,000.
    • Cat health alert – over 3.3 million cats are not vaccinated so are at risk from potentially fatal diseases.
    • Many cats can be unhappy because they don’t have access to enough resources which can lead to stress-related.