Control Of Dogs

Control Of Dogs

Offense under Control of Dogs Order 1992:
“The owner of a dog or the person in charge of a dog who, without lawful authority or excuse, proof of which shall lie on him, causes or permits the dog to be in a highway or in a place of public resort not wearing a collar as prescribed in article 2(1) above shall be guilty of an offence against the Animal Health Act 1981.”

The Animal Health Act 1981 (as amended) makes it an offence to allow a dog in a public place not wearing a collar and tag bearing the owners identity. It is essential to ensure that the contact details are kept up to date.

If your dog is lost and returned to you and it has no collar then you will be sent a letter advising you to get a collar and tag. If the dog if found out with no collar and tag a further time then you may be liable to appear in the Magistrates Court where on conviction the maximum fine is £5000.

It is not a legal requirement to have your dog micro chipped.  The dog wardens have a scanner but this not always effective as microchips move around inside the dog. Even if your dog is micro chipped you MUST also ensure that your dog wears a collar and tag when out in public.