Dog Care

Dog Care Tips

Essential Dog Care Tips

A happy dog needs the following:

  • Safe environment, shelter from cold and protection from hot weather.
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour and mental stimulation.
  • Human companionship to avoid anxiety disorders.
  • Good diet, according to breed, size and age.
  • Daily exercise indoors and outdoors.
  • Training and social behavioral keywords.
  • Veterinary care and regular grooming.
  • Patience, attention and lots of love.

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In the UK alone, 2.4 million dogs are fed on scraps or leftovers as one of their main foods.


According to the UK PDSA Report,  over 165,000 dogs show aggression towards people on a weekly basis as a result of not being socialized properly.


There are 1.9 million dogs left alone for longer than recommended every day in the UK.