Pet Sitting Benefits

Pet Sitting Benefits

Pet sitting Benefits by Four Diamond Paws includes all pet care needs from dog walking, pet feeding to dedication and care. 

Here you will find facts you should know about Pet boarding and the benefits of using a Pet Sitter as an alternative. 

Your Pet Needs:

  • Regular fresh food and water.
  • Lots of love and TLC.
  • Safe shelter and familiar surroundings.
  • Clean and stable environment with lots of freedom.
  • Regular check ups and a normal routine.
Why Use a Pet Sitter?
Pet Sitting Benefits with Four Diamond Paws:
  • A Pet Sitter introduced in advance to care for your pet with lots of love and attention. 
  • Your Pet Sitter is an existing pet owner.
  • Regular visits and feeding routine by a dedicated Pet Sitter.
  • A Pet sitter that is fully insured and Police checked.
  • Free home pet assessment and collection of keys.
  • Pets are looked after in their own home where they feel safe and secure.
  • Your pet is allowed to run free in its own surroundings and is the center of attention.  Your pet should have fun, it is his/her holiday too.
  • Pet home visits available on a one to one basis.
  • Pets are not subjected to noise or scent of other animals.
  • No transport arrangements required to drop/collect your pet.
  • Your pet is not exposed to common kennel diseases.
  • Pet Sitter regular visits is also a security deterrent to reduce risk.
  • Pet Sitter’s unmarked vehicle will not advertise you are away to passers by.
  • Keyholding services – your keys are secure and pet care can provided at short notice.
  • Regular updates available for your pets whilst you are away.
  • No need to rely on friends and family to provide pet care.
  • Regular cleaning of pet area and house security checks.
  • Our computer system is protected from unauthorized access using up to date Anti-hacking technology.  Client details are not passed on to any third party. 


Please do not put me in a Kennel or Cattery!
Facts You Should Know On Pet Boarding:
  • A minimum of 3 trips required by pet owner.  First to assess the place, 2nd to drop off pet to Kennels / catteries.  Final trip to collect the pet.
  • When a pet owner goes on holiday, why should the pet go to prison?  A lot of effort is  taken to improve conditions but pets are still “held” for hours in the same area,  over 10 hours a day at times, in a confined space.
  • Although human presence is available 24 hours, the quality of human contact one to one cannot be compared with Pet Sitting in their own home.
  • No matter how clean the environment is, the dog or cat can still smell the scent of other pets, which can make them feel nervous through the whole period.
  • Pets are animals with territorial instincts.  When one pet starts making noise, the others will also join in.  Not a very peaceful experience for any pet.
  • Pets in a kennel will be in close proximity to other pets, making them susceptible to   health problems like Kennel flu.  Your pet may not be sociable with other dogs or  even be bullied, causing unnecessary distress.
  • All pets get stressed when missing their owners.  However, the stress levels of pets kept in kennels and catteries is much higher than the pets cared for at their own home.
  • The word kennel also formerly meant a drain channel for street waste water.


Please note that Four Diamond Paws does not offer Pet Boarding Services.
Our pet sitting benefits include a Diamond service where your pet’s needs come first, cared for in your own home.

If you decide that Pet Sitting is for you, great.  Here is how it works:
    • You  Contact Us to arrange an pre-assessment home visit.
    • Your Pet sitter will visit you at your home to discuss your pet needs
    • The quote will be provided on pre-assessment home visit.
    • Providing you are happy to proceed on the day, a home pet assessment is also carried out and 10% deposit is required to secure the booking.
    • Your Pet Sitter will return 1 week before your holiday to collect keys and to receive payment in full.  Payment  by cheque must clear before start date.  
    • You can enjoy your holiday break with the assurance that your pet will be well cared for.