Stop Cat Scratching Your Sofa

Stop Cat Scratching Your Sofa


Cats find sofa edges irresistible to scratch:

A robust structure where they can easily grip and file their claws.  It is a self service manicure tool for our feline friends.

Using water spray to stop them may sometimes stress cats and still does not solve the problem, theirs or yours!

   Also you can not monitor them 24/7.

You can start by spraying the “hot areas” of the sofa with a “Pet Training Spray”.   This is usually citrus based and it can deter cats for a while.  Every alternate days, apply spray twice on edges of sofas

Most importantly, provide cats with an alternative: The Scratch Post


Getting the right scratch post and preparing it is just as important as getting one.  If you have an adult or large cat, then a dinky scratch post made for a kitten will not suffice.  A small scratch post may fit well in the corner, away from guest view but it needs to be in the right location and the right size/weight adequate to your cat.  This method needs to work for you and for your cat.

Yes, a decent scratch post may be more expensive but a worthwhile investment since it will still be cheaper than to replace your sofa!

It should be ideally fixed or heavy enough so that your cat does not tumble post over which can scare him/her.


Whilst some cats take it to plain scratch posts straight away, others may need some encouragement.  This is where the concentrated liquid catnip spray comes in! This is available in larger pet stores.   You can use catnip leaves, but leaf scent dissipates quicker and it leaves a mess on the floor.

Soon as you unwrap the scratch post, spray liquid catnip over the cord edges about 5 times, and maintain fresh scent by spraying couple of times daily thereafter.

Not only your cat will be happy with catnip, he will be sparing your sofa 🙂

Catnip is also a great way to “bear a gift” to a shy cat that find hard to trust humans.  Whilst pet hormone relaxants plug ins can worth for some cats, personally the catnip is more effective to get a cat out of his shell.


In a multi cat household, cats can get competitive with catnip like toys or beds.  So aim to provide a “safe” area for each cat with toys, bed and individual scratch post.


Another product happy to recommend is the Relax Scratch Bed, also available at Zooplus

You may not be able to get each cat to stick to their own area but with various choices for them you are less likely to have so many feline “disagreements”.