Cat Bed Snuggle Princess

Cat Bed Snuggle Princess Pink

So the cat bed arrives, it is placed on the floor… so it takes Tom only 10 seconds to claim this snuggle bed.  The other 7 cats can only sit and watch whilst the male cat takes over the pink bed!


The Prince cat bed comes in pink colour, with reversible cover in purple and a cute heart shape pillow,  which is great to coordinate  with a room colour scheme and allowing for wear and tear.

This cat bed is available from Zooplus at a very reasonable price and it is highly recommended.

It measures approx. 33cm diameter.  Also snug for a small dog like a Jack Russell.


Bunny eventually managed to get some quality time in the snuggle pink bed.  She is a mature lady who loves snuggling in a cozy bed.


The best way to introduce a new bed to a cat is to just put it down on the floor and wait for the cat to approach it in their own time.  If you spray it with catnip, they will find it irresistible!


Tom loves to snuggle warm his pink bed

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