Cat Scratch Bed

Cat Relax Scratch Bed

This round cat scratch bed serves dual purpose. Not only it saves your sofa, it provides a relaxed bed spot for your cat.  Measuring 39 cm diameter, it is the perfect design to satisfy any cat in need of a manicure.


Yes, again Tom, one of 8 cats was the first to try this bed.  He makes a point of being the first at everything!

The Relax Cat Bed comes in classic white design , with a catnip sachet, it is meant to wear and tear to save your sofa from being scratched.
This cat bed is available from Zooplus at a very reasonable price and it is highly recommended.

 Relax-scratch-catEven Alfie, the maincoon fits into the Relax Scratch bed.  Sometimes he will stay there all night sleeping so no other cat takes over.

All 8 cats love this scratch bed.  This is one of the best products I have bought for a while.  Highly recommended by the feline experts!

8 out 8 cats recommend this Relax Scratch Bed!


Little Skippy tests the bed when the other cats are not looking, she loves her daily manicure!


This is Tom showing the cats how it is done, scratching the corrugated material for the perfect feline manicure.


This is Ginger showing the elegant stance after a good scratch


This product is under promotion offer at the moment, for the price of a cocktail, it is a fantastic value for money! Buy it now from Petshop

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