Cat Feeding

Cat Feeding

Cat feeding and small pet care services to suit your needs.

Four Diamond Paws provides a cat sitting service as an alternative to catteries.
Your cat can enjoy its familiar surroundings and have the freedom that he/she is used to.


Cats  can be cared for and relax in their own home whilst you are away.
Four Diamond Paws provides a caring pet sitter with high pet care standards.

Naturally born territorial, cats need their own space and their routine unchanged.

Some cats may get stressed in a strange environment, if confined to a small area, where there is unfamiliar smell and noise of other pets.  Cats may need regular medication or perhaps are not able to travel.

The best alternative is to provide them with a home visit service.
Ideally twice per day, minimum once per day.


Feeding your cat is only a small part of caring for your pet.
Cats love attention and cuddles too.

By using a professional pet sitter, you are not disturbing your neighbours, friends or relatives.

“Thank you for taking the worry out of going on holiday.  It is rare to find someone who cares for our cats as much as us.” Mrs Rochester, Broughton

We are very proud to be Top 5 UK pet reviews!
Cost starts from:
£7.30 per home visit for Broughton
£8.00 per home visit for Kettering

If you have a pet sitting inquiry please email us.

Alternatively you can contact Isabel on 01536 790 335 or 07793 709 984.

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”  Terry Pratchett