Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

We can provide garden maintenance services whilst you are away.
Lawn cut from £15, based on a small garden 40 ft garden.

Lawn Care at an affordable price, this service is available to Kettering area only!


We have all been there…

First day back from holiday, returning to work the following day.  The last thing you want to do on your last day off is to cut the lawn.
Now you do not have to.  Because we can do it for you!

Uncut lawn can also advertise to passing pedestrians that you may not be at home, which can be a security risk.  Maintaining your property can be a deterrent for potential culprits.
Our garden care services also includes watering your plants and flowers.

Take care in the summer months, specially if you are going away to 2 weeks.  During this period, your flowers may not survive the hot weather without water  which can be expensive to replace.